Welcome back to SnM!

Welcome back to SnM!
Photo by Spencer Imbrock / Unsplash

Sekai no Melody, one of the biggest Internet cover groups of the 2000's, is finally back and in full swing! SnM was founded and released its first holiday album in December 2006, so we are officially celebrating our 15th Anniversary this year in 2021! The festivities aren't going to stop there, though: we have a bunch of amazing things in the pipeline for the year ahead, including...

  • A commemorative 15th Anniversary mini-album featuring some of our favourite throwback songs
  • A cover of the famous song that inspired SnM's creation, sung in over 10 languages
  • Original compositions written, produced, and sung by our members
  • Birthday! Project, in which the SnM members search longingly for their birthday twins...
  • Member Spotlight featuring the awesome things members are involved in when they aren't singing on the Internet ;)
  • SnM merch (!!!)

And much more!

Please stay tuned to our website to be alerted as we announced all of these things. We're looking forward to spending time with you in the year ahead and the years beyond!