What is Sekai no Melody?

To answer that question, perhaps you should know what the name of our wonderful organization means. It’s Japanese for "The World’s Melody", which perfectly describes our goal: to share the beauty of music in any language, any time, anywhere, with anyone."

Sekai no Melody is a long-running (est. December 2006) multilingual singing organization featuring singers of all languages, ranges, abilities, skills, and interest. We not only sing Japanese, but also English, Korean, Spanish, French, Chinese, and many more! Simply speaking, Sekai no Melody is an interesting take on the regular same-old, same-old internet Jpop groups – we cover many genres and styles, so there is always something for everyone!

How we operate

SnM is a completely volunteer-based, member-run organization. We work together to create beautiful and high-quality releases for all to hear. SnM encourages everyone to explore the fun of making music, no matter your experience level. We realize that this is a hobby for most and respect this; our system is set up so that YOU, the member, can pick and choose the amount of your workload.

How to join

We've modernized with the times and are now run fully on Discord! No auditions are required – simply click the link below, read the welcome message, and hop right in!

Join Sekai no Melody on Discord!