A Tribute to GAM

A Tribute to GAM

"I love you forever, but this is goodbye..."

Sekai no Melody presents a tribute album to the short-lived J-pop duo GAM (comprised of Fujimoto Miki and Matsuura Aya). From the feelings of a woman in love laid bare ("Melodies") to the bittersweet acceptance following a breakup ("LU LU LU") to a genuine thank you to all the ones we've loved before ("Thanks"), this album features heart-wrenching harmonies and powerful vocals alike.

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  1. Melodies
    singers: Aishiana, Chidori, Fairy, Honeydew, JimKyu, Kimi, Kristy, Miri, Shucat
    mixer: Chidori
  2. LU LU LU
    singers: Aishiana, Chidori, Kimi, Miri, Shucat
    mixer: Chidori
  3. Thanks!
    singers: Aisasami, Aishiana, Chidori, Fairy, JimKyu, Kimi, Shucat
    mixer: Fairy

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